The Last of Us 2 'The Park Tracking Lesson' collectibles - Artifact, Coin locations guide

Park Tracking Lesson is a tiny chapter in The Last of Us II. It’s focused more on story than exploration, and there are only four collectibles there – three artifacts and a coin. Still, you’ll need those if you want the trophies they’re tied to. This guide will help you find them by showing you the exact TLOU2 Park Tracking Lesson collectible locations.

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TLOU2 Park Collectibles Artifact Coin Locations
The Park collectibles – Artifact, Coin locations

Thank You Card from Mel & Owen’s Drawing of Abby Artifacts

The first two artifacts are automatically given to you at the start of The Park section. They are called Thank You Card from Mel (1/3) and Owen’s Drawing of Abby (2/3). They give a bit of insight in the early relationships with both of the letters’ writers.

Park TLOU2 Artifact Locations
Two Artifact Locations

Zoo Lights Festival Artifact Location

While adventuring through the park you’ll reach a building. There are some metal poles in front of it, with colorful flags on them. There’s also a wooden gazebo nearby, with a couple of wooden benches. The Zoo Lights Festival artifact (3/3) is on the one next to the trash can.

TLOU2 Park Artifact Location

Virginia 1978 Coin Location

Go into the bathroom and break the small window on your right. Go through it, and you’ll find the Virginia 1978 coin (1/1) on an industrial garbage bin. It’s the same bin you need to move in order to jump on the roof. This is a collectible you cannot skip.

TLOU2 Park Chapter Coin Location
Virginia Coin Location

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