The Last of Us 2 The Stadium Coin Locations Guide

Seattle Day 1 Stadium collectibles are few and far between. This tiny chapter of The Last of Us II only holds four of them, but they’re equally important as the ones in the bigger areas – especially if you’re after that platinum trophy. Some of them are easy to miss if you let your guard down, which people tend to do in these short story chapters. If you do happen to miss a coin, our TLOU2 Stadium collectible locations guide Seattle Day 1 will help you find it.

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TLOU2 Stadium Collectibles Coins Locations Guide
The Stadium collectibles – Coins Locations

Alaska Coin Location

As you leave your room, the one with the number 203, look to your left. On the ground, near a pile of wood, you’ll find the Alaska 1959 coin (1/4).

TLOU2 Stadium Coin Location

Maine 1820 Coin

As you progress through this wonderful stadium, you’ll reach a laundry area where they wash their clothes. Find the one unattended washing tub, then look for the Maine 1820 coin (2/4) on the wooden bench next to it.

TLOU2 Stadium Chapter Coin Location

New Jersey 1787 Coin Location

As you are about to leave the central stadium area, you’ll pass by a person reading a book. She’ll greets you and you’ll walk by her. There is a large painting of a wolf on the wall behind her, along with the New Jersey 1787 coin (3/4).

TLOU2 Coin Location Stadium Chapter
New Jersey 1787 Coin Location

Vermont 1791 Coin

The final coin is hidden in the Dock 5 area. You’ll find it rright after the shooting range, and the zone where they make the ammunition. Look in the corner under the Dock 5 wall sign, and you’ll spot a grey metal closet. Inside it, among the ammunition, is the Vermont 1791 coin (4/4).

TLOU2 Stadium Vermont Coin Location
Vermont Coin Location

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