The Last of Us 2 'Flooded City' collectibles - Safe, Artifact, Trading Card, Journal, Workbench locations guide

Flooded City is a part of Seattle Day 3 chapter in The Last of Us II. It’s the area where you ride around in a boat in terrible weather, and there are around a dozen collectibles to find in it, including trading cards, artifacts, safes and workbenches. If you’re missing any of them after the initial run, this guide will show you all TLOU2 Flooded City collectible locations in Seattle Day 3.

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TLOU2 Flooded City Collectibles Safe Artifact Trading Card Journal Workbench Locations
Flooded City collectibles – Safe, Artifact, Trading Card, Journal, Workbench locations

Seff-L’ho’phad Trading Card Location

The first one you’ll find is the Seff-L’ho’phad trading card. It’s in the area where you have to open the gate in the building so your boat can pass. If you stand near the gate, turn back and go into the small room left of the waterfall. The card will be in the drawer of a desk inside.

TLOU2 Flooded City Collectible Locations
Seff-L’ho’phad Trading Card Location

Stash Note Artifact & Journal Entry Location

Go behind the barricades on the other side of the gate and climb up the stairs. Turn left and you’ll find a dead body in the corner, the Stash Note artifact next to it. Head back towards the door and you’ll find a journal entry at the window.

Safe Location

Continue even farther and you’ll find a cart you can push, which allows you to reach the locked area below in which there’s a safe.

TLOU2 Flooded City Safe Location Seattle Day 3
Safe Location

Workbench Location

Once you’ve left, you’ll spot a small garage inside a big building on the left, with blue paint around the door. Disembark there and you’ll find a workbench inside.

TLOU2 Flooded City Workbench Garage
Workbench #1 Location

Shambler Note Artifact

If you enter the Carthy Hotel under the sign, then head to the right, you’ll find a lone corpse on a small patch of solid ground. There will be an artifact next to him, called Shambler Note.

TLOU2 Artifact Shambler Note Flooded City
Shambler Note Artifact Location

Encampment Note Artifact

Next up is the Encampment Note artifact. It’s in the Kingsgate Brewing Co building. Go to the left and up the stairs. As soon as you’re through the door head left. As you turn the corner, you’ll find the note on the wall. There is a bunch of scavenged parts in the building, so make sure you explore it thouroughly.

Sniper’s Note Artifact

To get the Sniper’s Note artifact, you’ll have to climb the derailed train. Go in and follow the carriage until you reach a locked door. Grab the nearby rope and throw it through the roof hatch, then use it to climb up. Drop down into the locked section, and you’ll find the letter next to the corpse.

Arcade Flyer Artifact & Workbench

When you reach the arcade and break the window to get in, you’ll have to disembark in order to open the gate. Check the last table on the right, by the wall, and you’ll find the Arcade Flyer artifact. Head up the stairs from there, and you’ll find a workbench in the corner near the balcony.

TLOU2 Flooded City Arcade Flyer
Arcade Flyer Artifact Location

Khazakh Bright trading card & Arcade Note artifact

When you get to the part of the arcade with all the gunk on the walls, make sure to check the prize zone. Jump across the counter and look on the shelf below the cash register, and you’ll find the Khazakh Bright trading card. From there, head up the stairs and turn right. Go into the PC Cafe and immediately turn left. You’ll see the Arcade Note artifact pinned to the wall.

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