The Last of Us 2 'Patrol' collectibles - Safe, Artifact, Journal Entry, Workbench, Trading Card locations guide

Patrol is the first big, open subchapter in The Last of Us Part II. It’s part of the Jackson chapter, and it’s the first time you’ll be really allowed to explore your surroundings and dig up things. This also means there’s a lot of collectibles here, compared to previous areas. You might have trouble finding some of them, which is why we’ve decided to write this guide, to show you all TLOU2 Jackson Patrol collectible locations.

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TLOU2 Patrol Safe Artefact Journal Entry Workbench Trading Card Locations
Patrol – Safe, Artefact, Journal Entry, Workbench, Trading Card Locations

Journal Entry

After the horse ride, you’ll go into a building (the former radio tower) where you are taught about the photo mode feature. This happens when you join Dina who’s sightseeing on a balcony. As the short cutscene ends, don’t leave. A few seconds later, a journal entry (1/2) prompt will appear on the edge of a balcony. Leaving this room, you’ll climb to the upper floor using a rope. Dina will hold the door for you, and if you turn right here, in the next room you’ll find a Bong, and a bunch of scavenged parts on and inside a blue metal cabinet.

TLOU2 Patrol Location of a Journal Entry

Use the book on the table to sign in, and you’ll be able to check out the large clock tower, the next lookout. Head out and continue with the patrol on your horse. After you cross the river, you’ll jump down, close to the trailer home with the speed limit 25 sign next to it. If you go inside this portable home, you’ll find supplements and scavenged parts.

Tesseracter Trading Card

Close to the portable home, there is a house with a wooden awning with a car underneath it. Get on the car and climb the awning, so you can enter the first floor through the window. On the other side of the room, you’ll see a bookcase. There is a Tesseracter trading card (1/2) in here, with a character affiliated with the Society of Champions. In the same room, there is also a couple of supplements.

TLOU2 Patrol Trading Card Location

Note to Santa Artifact

Back to the trailer. Look for a car with a basketball hoop on its hood. Behind this car there’s a ruined house. On the side you’ll find a ruined wooden staircase. Use it to get on the first floor through a broken wall. The Note to Santa artifact (1/6) is in a nightstand next to the bed, in a bedroom on this floor. Another supplement is on the sink in the toilet. At this point you’ll be done with this area, so let’s continue onward.

TLOU2 Patrol Artefact Location

Supermarket Apology Artefact

Further down the route, you’ll get down from your horses after jumping over a fallen tree. As you go into the supermarket, you’ll need to head into the toilet behind the locked blue door. To do so, look close and you’ll spot a window. Go through it and you’ll spot a toilet room window. Get to it, and loot a supplement hidden in the sink. In the next room, after you push open a door, there are scavenged parts to be looted. This section ends once you climb over a national postal service van.

As you go under the Greenplace market truck trailer, you’ll spot an entrance from the other side. There are a lot of scavenged parts hidden here. This trailer is a real treat, as it hides even more stuff. Enter the building at the back of the trailer, and look for a small opening between the many boxes. It leads to the central part of the trailer, where the Supermarket Apology artefact (2/6) is, along with some supplements.

TLOU2 Patrol Supermarket Apology Location

You then have to climb on top of the loot trailer to get inside the building. You’ll find a health kit recipe below the TV in the next room. If you turn left from the room with the spores, there will be some scavenged parts on a metal table and some ingredients.

Safe & Good Boy Combo Artifact

As you go through a crack in a wall, you’ll spot an employee of the month board. Turn right here, and go through a door. Inside this room, there is a safe (1/1) with a lot of scavenged parts, supplements and ingredients. You’ll find a clue to opening it in the Good Boy Combo artifact (3/6) that is on the table next to it. As we try avoiding spoilers here, feel free to visit this guide, if you still have any issues opening it. The kitchen area next to the safe room hides some supplements in a locker, among other stuff.

The next part of the story takes you to the lower floor. After you and your companion move a cabinet to go to the pharmacy employees-only room, you’ll unlock a molotov recipe. Look around and you’ll get to loot some ingredients and supplements.

As it usually goes, after you get molotov for the first time, an opportunity to use it arises. After you jump through a small window, you’ll find yourself inside the main supermarket area. This is where you can use that molotov with great effect. There is a trick to leaving the supermarket, but if you go for the main door there will be a hint. The hint will also reveal a way out underneath a nearby box. From the rooftop, get back to your horses and continue to the safe spot.

TLOU2 Patrol How to Leave Supermarket
How to Leave the Supermarket

Eugene’s Firefly Pendant Artefact

You can find the Copy Center entrance to the left from the library reception desk. The door is locked from the other side, but there is a breakable window next to it. Get through it by breaking the glass. As you are about to leave this room, Ellie will pick up Eugene’s Firefly Pendant artifact (4/6) from the board.

TLOU2 Patrol Eugene Firefly Pendant
Eugene Firefly Pendant

Journal Entry & CEO SPARK Trading Card

As you leave the Copy Center, look to your right. You’ll spot a giraffe toy, and Ellie will make a journal entry (2/2). Across the room from this toy, before the part of the room with a lot of green shelves, there is a dark, dark corner. Head toward it to find an open door, and the Laurent Foucault, CEO SPARK trading card (2/2).

Eugene’s Ultimatum & photo of Eugene and Tommy Artefact

If you look close enough, in the same room, you’ll spot an easter egg under the giant TV screen. Follow the path and you’ll get to a bed. There is a nightstand next to it, with the Eugene’s Ultimatum artefact inside (5/6). There’s also a photo of Eugene and Tommy (6/6) under a pile of documents, on the table across the room from the bed.


At this point you’ll get to a workbench (1/1). To use it, you’ll have to start up a generator, but luckily for us, it has some fuel in it.

TLOU2 Patrol Working Bench Location

Once you are done with the workbench, get to the entrance of the Copy Center from this side. Right next to it is where you should progress with the story, as Dina and Ellie push out the door to reveal a cellar entrance. In this part, you’ll get to enjoy a plantation. From this moment on, enjoy the ride, as it will be a bumpy one. No missable collectibles on the front for a while.

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