The Last of Us 2 'Road to the Aquarium' collectibles - Trading Cards, Journals, Artifact, Workbench locations guide

Collectibles in Last of Us II Road to the Aquarium include trading cards, journal entries, artifacts, and workbenches. All the Road to Aquarium collectibles are scattered across the map, and some of them are incredibly difficult to find. The devs have hidden the collectibles in places you might never have thought of looking in. Fortunately for you, we’re going to show you where to find them all in our Road to Aquarium Seattle Day 3 Collectible Locations in Last of Us 2 guide.

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TLOU2 Road to Aquarium Collectibles Artifact Trading Card Journal Entry Workbench Locations
Road to Aquarium Seattle Day 3 Collectible Locations in Last of Us 2

The Esquire Trading Card Location

To find the first collectible in the Road to the Aquarium chapter of The Last of Us 2 is in the backstage area, not far from where you wake up. Head into the backstage from the dressing rooms, and walk past all the props and towards the red curtain. Turn left, and approach the switchboard / mixing board, whatever it is. The Esquire trading card is underneath the small TV screen.

Trading Cards Road to Aquarium Where to Find all Last of Us 2
Esquire Trading Card Location

Tormenta Trading Card & Workbench Locations

Next, proceed through the level and head through the doorway with the big WPL sign above it. You’ll have to go in there anyway, because the tunnel is blocked by train cars. From there, proceed into the back room through the door with the clock above it, and head into the corridor to the left.

You’ll spot a wide-open door on the right that’s blocked by rubble which you can crawl under. Look for the Tormenta trading card on one of the desks in this room. Opposite from this desk, you’ll also find a workbench, the first of two in this chapter, as well as some scavenged materials.

Garage Note Artifact

Proceed through the level as normal until you reach the swimming part. After a bit of that, you’ll be on dry land, with a bit of road leading into a garage, through the door marked as NO ENTRY. Once in the garage, your job is to clamber up onto the elevated platform in the upper left corner. You’ll have to go around a bit and use a car to reach the place. And be careful, there’s a bunch of zombies in the garage. On the elevated platform, you’ll find a corpse with the Garage Note artifact next to it.

Artifact Locations Last of Us 2 Road to Aquarium
Road to Aquarium Artifact Location

Tanager Trading Card

Continue on your way until you clamber into the Kingston’s bookstore. Walk to the edge of the platform, then drop down to the slab of concrete below. From there, hop into the water below in the direction of the metal gate. Turn around, and you’ll see that you can crawl under the concrete slab. Do just that, and you’ll find the Tanager trading card on one of the shelves.

Tanager Trading Card Where To Find Road to Aquarium Last of Us 2
Tanager Trading Cards

Bookstore Note Artifact & Journal Entry

Now, go to the diagonally opposite corner, into the Children’s section. You can’t miss it, since it’s adorned with enormous purple mushrooms. On the table to your right, you’ll find a page from a book that reveals the heartbreaking Bookstore Note artifact when flipped. Then, approach the giant mushroom on the left and interact with it to make a journal entry.

Road to Aquarium Artifact Journal Entry Location Last of Us 2 Where to Find
Bookstore Note Artifact & Journal Entry Location

The Textile Note Artifact

Continue on your journey until you come across the Norkirk building on your left. Look out for the sign above you. As you approach it, look to your right, and you’ll see the Rachel’s Fabrics sign. Use the blue tarp below the scaffolding to climb up on it, then hop inside through the broken window. The Textile Note artifact is on the beam between the window you just jumped through and the other one.

TLOU2 Road to Aquarium The Textile Note Artifact Location
The Textile Note Artifact Location

Workbench Location

Proceed through the level and, after another little bit of swimming, you’ll come across a dirt path on the left. Walk to the end of it and clamber up into the building. Turn left, and you’ll see a giant hole in the wall between two mannequins. Go inside this room, and you’ll find the second and final workbench in there, along with some scavenged parts. Do what you need and be on your way.

Road to Aquarium Where to Find Last of Us 2 Workbenches
Workbench #2 Location

Tatuaje Trading Card

After you watch a cutscene where you deliberate whether to use a road or a boat, you’ll find yourself inside a new building once you cross the walkway. Just follow Jesse. Once inside, turn to the right (you can loot the cafe and the vending machines) and drop down to the lower level through the doorway next to the vending machines. Once on the ground, head left and vault across the shelves in the corner. Turn around, and you’ll spot the Tatuaje trading card on one of the shelves you’ve just jumped over.

Trading Card Locations Last of Us 2 Road to Aquarium
Tatuaje Trading Card

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