The Last of Us 2 'Theatre' collectibles - Trading Card and Artifact locations guide

Theatre artifacts & trading cards are collectibles in The Last of Us 2. They can be found in this particular area of the Seattle Day 1 chapter. There’s six of them in total, and while some are practically unmissable, others are hard to find. This guide will show you all Last of Us 2 Theatre collectible locations in Seattle Day 1.

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Last of us 2 Theatre Collectible Locations in Seattle Day 1
Last of Us 2 Theatre collectible locations in Seattle Day 1

Mortem Trading Card & Programme for Cassandra Artifact Location

As you finish your conversation with Dina, head down the hall. Vault over the counter and break the glass on the rightmost display cabinet. You’ll find the Mortem trading card there. Turn left and jump over the counter again, then approach the posters on the wall. You’ll find Programme for Cassandra artifact on the crates next to them.

Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #1 & Beyond Trading Card

Head up the stairs and go onto the balcony that overlooks the entrance. Look to your left and you’ll find another artifact – Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #1 on the table before the tent. Follow the corridor and you’ll run into a pile of furniture stuck in a corner. If you look at the floor there, you’ll find the Beyond trading card.

Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #2

Go back to the bar and go through the white door next to it. Go up the stairs and go through the door on the left. You’ll end up in the projection room, and you’ll find an artifact – Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #2 on the radio there.

TLOU2 Theatre Artefacts Trading Cards Locations
Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #2 Location

Sick Habit Flyer Artifact Location

After you’ve unlocked the big door in the main hall, you’ll find the last artifact inside – the Sick Habit flyer, on a crate on the stage. If you’re having trouble finding the keys, you should check out this other guide we’ve written on how to open red door in Pinnacle Theatre.

TLOU2 Theatre Collectibles Artifacts Trading Cards
The Sick Habit Flyer Artifact Location

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