The Last of Us 2 starts full production as soon as The Lost Legacy is finished

It has been a while since The Last of Us 2 first official trailer and the fans are growing a bit restless. Naughty Dog is busy with finishing The Lost Legacy and have no intention of juggling teams on two games as it has proven very difficult the last time they did it.

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The Lost Legacy will have the largest single area every in an Uncharted game and Naughty Dog has said that they have managed to improve upon the technology used in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. This time around they can rotate different teams on the same area at the same time, which saves them a large amount of time.

Nathan Drake will not be appearing in the game, that much is known, not even as a cameo. The leading ladies, Chloe and Nadine, will be taking on the secrets of India’s western mountains, Ghats, where they will be looking for a powerful artifact. Of course, they will not be alone, as a well-known warlord, Asav, will also be looking for it. As Nadine has a bit of a history with him, it might affect the relationship between her and Chloe, which is said to be evolving and affecting the gameplay as well.

Other things that The Lost Legacy will be bringing to the table that have not been a part of Uncharted games before includes a locking mini-game, as well as less physical puzzles and more brainy ones. You might say this is due to both lead characters being women, but then again, Nadine kicked Nathan’s ass more than ones in A Thief’s End. Surely she can take care of a few crates.

The Lost Legacy should be out by the end of 2017, which will then leave Naughty Dog free to concentrate on The Last of Us 2. Perhaps the holiday season 2018 might be a good release date?


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