Uncharted Lost Legacy should get a release date soon

Lost Legacy, probably the last Uncharted game in a long while, might launch sooner than expected. The stand-alone expansion’s voice actress, Claudia Black, who voices Chloe Frazer, participated in conversation with a fan on Twitter, practically confirming that the release date is on its way.

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uncharted lost legacy 3
The Lost Legacy is promising even more breathtaking vistas.

The fan’s question was related to a video of Black and Laurie Bailey (voice actress for Nadine Ross) having fun while recording voices for The Lost Legacy. The game will take place around 12 months after the end of Uncharted 4 and there will be no Nathan Drake in it, not even as a cameo. The ladies are at it by themselves.

The mythical artifact they are after this time is The Tusk of Ganesha, which reveals that the location is in India. To be more precise, in India’s Western Ghats mountains. The main antagonist, Asav, is said to have a bit of a history with Nadine, which is the reason why Chloe, the ever-resourceful tomb raider, hooks up with her.

From what has been said so far, the game will feature the largest ever level in an Uncharted game, larger even than the Madagascar level in A Thief’s End. The development team says they have developed new tech which allows them to have several teams working on the same terrain at the same time, saving them valuable development time. Also, they promise less pushing crates and more puzzle solving. There should be a new lockpicking minigame, and the faithful winch is making a comeback as well!

The chances of us seeing another Uncharted game after this one are slim, at least for some years. Naughty Dog is also working on The Last of Us sequel, which must be taking up a lot of their creative power. In the meantime, all we can do is wait for the actual news regarding the release date to finally come to light.