Thief sequel is not in the making and the rumor got mocked by Eidos Montreal boss himself

Unfortunately for Thief fans, there will be no sequel to the 2014’s Thief game. Or at least there is no sequel in development right now, as has been confirmed by the game’s developer. The rumors started a couple of days ago, with a studio that is working on the movie adaptation spilled a little more beans than they should have.

David Anfossi was quick to laugh at the fact that the studio mentioned a new Thief game in development. We will take his word for it that the new Thief is not actually being worked on over at Straight Up Films. Are they really working on the Thief movie? It would appear that they have actually acquired the rights for it, at least.

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Eidos Montreal are currently working on the as of yet unannounced Tomb Raider sequel. Well, unless you count the last year’s story where someone left a power point presentation open with the name ‘Shadows of the Tomb Raider’ written in it. And even if they were not working on the Tomb Raider, Square Enix have been in a bit of a bind recently, as their top IP, Hitman, seemed to have failed to reach the desired sales goals and they are ready to withdraw from the Hitman developer studio, IO Interactive.

Deus Ex is another big name that has fallen into disfavor with Square Enix, again due to sales that have failed to reach some, perhaps too lofty a goal. All the announcements of an expanding universe of Deus Ex games is now on ice.

This is why it was perhaps a bit naive to actually expect another Thief in the making at this moment.

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