Chamber of Judgment

Collectible Name:Chamber of Judgment
Collectible Type:Tombs
Collectible Zone:Shantytown
Notes:The entrance to this tomb can be found adjacent to the Windmill camp fire. A tunnel that leads to the main room, hides several surprises, like GPS Cache and slippery floor, thus, you can easily fall down into the darkness, if you do not react fast.

In order to reach the upper floor of the tomb, right above the statue, you will need to pick up all canisters in the room, and place them on one side of a metal plate, the one you can interact with.
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In this way you will make a seesaw and try to jump on a wall and use your axe to climb up.
Image Walkthrough:

The entrance is near the Windmill camp fire.

Chamber of Judgement optional tomb main room.

Place the canisters on this side of the metal plate.

With the rope weapon upgrade use a wheel to pull down the canister and save ammunition.

When everything is set up, jump on the wall.

Chamber of Judgement treasure chest.
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