Well of Tears

Collectible Name:Well of Tears
Collectible Type:Tombs
Collectible Zone:Shantytown
Notes:The entrance to this Tomb is well hidden. Use your rope weapon upgrade to pull down the wooden boards, jump in a tunnel and proceed to the Well of Tears tomb.

This tomb requires quite a simple task in order to reach the main treasure box.
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Jump on a metal basket and then on a wooden balcony. The metal basket is high in the air, thus, you need to take three yellow canisters, and throw them in the metal basket. The metal basket will fall down, due to a heavy cargo. When you jump on the basket, remove one yellow canister, then run fast to the small hill next to a campfire, in order to jump on the metal basket again. Before the metal basket falls down due to your weight, jump on the wooden balcony and proceed toward the main treasure box.
Image Walkthrough:

After resistance is defeated, release tunnel entrance.

Jump in tunnel and proceed forward.

Metal Basket on the right, and wooden balcony on the left.

Throw those yellow canisters on the metal basket.

After three canisters, metal basket will go down.

Jump on it, and remove one yellow canister.

Run up, as fast as you can, and jump on rising metal basket.

Then make another jump on wooden balcony.

Well of Tears treasure chest reward.
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Well of Tears  
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