Temple of Handmaidens

Collectible Name:Temple of Handmaidens
Collectible Type:Tombs
Collectible Zone:Shipwreck Beach
Notes:You can release entrance to this tomb after you receive rope ascender weapon upgrade during mission: Gone Missing (part- Find Alex) in Cliffside Bunker Map.

Goal in this tomb is to jump on a axe eligible rock at the end, and climb on a platform above, where you can find treasure box. In order to do this, you will need to follow couple of steps: release buoy with a mechanism nearby, jump fast on a nearby platform, wait for buoy to spin around wooden pillar so that you can jump over a stick from that pillar and land on platform on other side.
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While you on the second platform, use your rope pull on second wooden pillar eligible location, and pull it toward yourself, wait for buoy to start spinning this pillar as well, and repeat previous action but instead of jumping on a platform, you will need to use your axe and attach yourself on a axe eligible rock. Climb up, and claim your prize.
Image Walkthrough:

Wait for spinning wooden pillar to bring that pole that you can use to jump on platform in the distance.

Pulling rope eligible location on the second wooden pillar…

… make buoy capable to spin the same pillar…

… so you can jump over second wooden pillar pole to a rock.

Temple of Handmaidens treasure chest.
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Temple of Handmaidens  


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