The Flooded Vault

Collectible Name:The Flooded Vault
Collectible Type:Tombs
Collectible Zone:Shipwreck Beach
Notes:Note: This part of map is reachable after mission A Pirate’s Life, and after you slide down the rope from the top of the big structure.

This tomb requires you to walk over a water in order to reach a stairs that take you to a tomb treasure box. Trick is in a fact that water is electrified and you need to stop source of that electricity in order to cross over water safely.
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This is achievable when you place a raft you find inside of tomb, bellow a big lamp that is electrifying water. Steps that take you there are: Turn on power, open main door, release raft, brake a pile of wooden boards, pull a raft toward you, jump on raft, cross to platform, pull down metal bar, jump platform across, pull down metal bar again, and pull raft toward you so that the power source land on it.
Image Walkthrough:

After a series of tunnels you end up here.

Pull the raft toward you, and the metal bar when the raft is near.

This will make cable hit the raft instead.
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map of Shipwreck Beach
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Mine Sweeper 4Lara’s Journals – The PromiseGPS Cache 4
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Mine Sweeper 7 GPS Cache 7
Mine Sweeper 8 GPS Cache 8
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Cairn Raider 1 GPS Cache 11
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Yuan Dynasty Jade – Shaped Jade Head Rest  
A Family Outing – Worn Wallet  
The Flooded Vault  
Temple of Handmaidens  


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