Tower of Fantasy Crashing & Update Error

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG that lets you explore a sprawling science-fiction setting. Of course, since it is an online game, ToF has its fair share of errors that can prevent you from enjoying – or even playing – the game. Right now, two of the most common issues are the Crashing and Update errors. While these will probably get resolved on the developers’ end sometime soon in the near future, right now they are still a problem. But is there anything you can do to fix these yourselves? As we will see in this Tower of Fantasy Crashing & Update Error guide, there are several things that you can try out to fix these two errors.

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Tower of Fantasy Crashing & Update Error

How to Fix Crashing Error in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is frequently crashing for some players. In case you are one of these, the first thing you should try is to add the ToF’s .exe file to your anti-virus exceptions. This option is different depending on which anti-virus software you use. If you do not know how to do this, Google your anti-virus and how to add exceptions to it. This can also occur because you are using a device which is below system requirements. If that is the case, the developers ask that you contact their customer service at, or from the game itself, by going to Menu > Settings > Base > Customer Service. Note that this is a very early version of the game and that further steps are going to be taken towards better optimization.

How to Fix Update Error in Tower of Fantasy

On the other hand, the solution for the Update Error is a lot simpler. If you are receiving this error, then all you need to do is to free up more hard space on your computer or mobile device. Once you have done that, the game should then update normally.

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