How to Exit Tower of Fantasy

If you don’t know how to exit Tower of Fantasy and just can’t figure it out, you’ve come to the right place. I don’t blame you for having difficulties finding the proverbial “Off” button, because the devs did kinda squirrel it away. And you definitely don’t want to close the game with brute force. So, let’s find out how this all works.

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how to exit tower of fantasy
How to Exit Tower of Fantasy

How to Exit Tower of Fantasy

To exit Tower of Fantasy, you just need to go through a few simple steps. Well, simple once you know what you actually need to do; they did hide the “Exit” button in a place you wouldn’t necessarily think of checking in. So, the first step is to press the Escape button in the top right corner, then go into Settings. Or just go into the Settings menu any way you prefer to, whatever works for you. Once you’re there, look in the bottom left. There, you’ll see the “Exit Game” button. Just click or tap that, and boom, you’re out of the game the “legitimate” way, instead of brute-forcing the game to close. Again, it’s easy when you know what to look for.

So, yeah, that’s how you exit Tower of Fantasy the “real” way. I mean, you can always force-close it if you’re on mobile by minimizing it and then going into Apps. Or, if you’re on PC, there’s always the option to Alt+F4 it into oblivion. The problem in doing that, obviously, is that you might lose some progress, and/or encounter other problems in the future. No program likes to be force-closed unless absolutely necessary. So, do always exit Tower of Fantasy the way we laid out whenever possible. If you need further help with the game, feel free to check out our expanding list of guides. Among other stuff, we’ve written articles like How to Break Rock Walls & Get Chest, Disconnected from Server Fix, and Parental Consent Fix and Credit Card Requirement.

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