Needlebees Location Tower of Fantasy

The Eliminate Needlebees Tower of Fantasy quest requires you to do just that: kill the giant wasp-like creatures. The trouble is that the game doesn’t really tell you where to find them. It’s weird, considering how it generally holds your hand pretty tightly. So, in our Needlebees Location Tower of Fantasy guide, we will show you where to find the required insects.

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needlebees location tower of fantasy
Needlebees Location Tower of Fantasy

Eliminate Needlebees Tower of Fantasy Quest

To complete the Eliminate Needlebees quest in Tower of Fantasy, you first need to find the location of a hive. There are several of them dotted around Astra, and we’ll show you where to find one of them in the screenshots below. The one should be enough to finish the mission. Basically, what you’re looking for is a fairly large, brown structure (about as tall as your character) with bright-blue slime oozing out of its several big holes. It’s honestly kinda disgusting to look at, to be perfectly honest with you. Anyways, once you find a hive, start shooting it or hitting it. I would recommend doing it from a distance, but it’s not necessary. Once you get it down to half health, several inhabitants will pop up to defend their home.

So, once you find the location of a hive of the Needlebees in Tower of Fantasy and knock it around, you’ll basically summon several of them. They will immediately home in on you and start attacking. That’s why I recommended keeping your distance from the nest initially. So, all that’s left to do to complete the Tower of Fantasy Eliminate Needlebees quest is to kill the bugs coming at you. Don’t let the cute name fool you; a more apt one would be Daggerwasps or something. Clear them out at range if you can. That said, they shouldn’t be that much of a problem even in close quarters, depending on your level and skill. And that’s basically all there is to it.

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