Tower of Fantasy Nemesis Limited Cache Banner Release Date

The Tower of Fantasy Nemesis limited cache banner release date is going to be one of several events that will welcome you to the game. It will give you higher odds and special items that will allow you to roll for the character Nemesis and her weapon, Venus. In this guide, we will present all the info we have on the event.

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tower of fantasy nemesis limited cache banner release date
Tower of Fantasy Nemesis Limited Cache Banner Release Date

When is Nemesis Limited Cache Banner in Tower of Fantasy Coming Out

The Tower of Fantasy Nemesis limited cache banner is coming out on August 11th, and it will end on August 31st. The official announcement does also mention the times, but because they don’t tell us the time zone, it’s a little difficult to figure out when exactly the release date and time are going to be. I assume that the banner will kick off as soon as the game does. If that is the case, then that’ll be very fortunate, since you’ll be able to factor the banner in your reroll strategy. For more info on that, check our our guides titled How to Reroll in Tower of Fantasy and Tower of Fantasy Tier List. Either way, the event is set to last for about three weeks, so that should be more than enough to get enough character and weapon rolls.

So, that’s what we know about the Nemesis limited cache banner release date and time in Tower of Fantasy. Now, you might be wondering how this event is going to work. Well, while the limited cache thing is going on, you’ll be able to earn special items called Red Nucleus and Special Vouchers. The Red Nuclei will allow you to make Special Orders during the Forgiveness and Rebirth Limited Order and obtain the Venus limited weapon. Your odds of getting it will be greatly increased. The same goes for Special Vouchers, except you use them to acquire the matrix of Nemesis, aka unlock the character. By the way, the developers have a few more things planned for the game’s launch date. You can read more about them in the link we’ve provided above.

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