Tower of Fantasy Tier List

In our Tower of Fantasy Tier List guide, we are going to classify the game’s characters from strongest to weakest, in five levels. That way, when you do start playing, you can gauge whether you should re-roll them or keep going. While there are characters that can go one way or the other, there are some that are definitely, 100% better than others.

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tower of fantasy tier list
Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Character Tier List for Tower of Fantasy

We are going to dive into out Tower of Fantasy character tier list in just a moment. First, we do have to mention that the list is not gospel. Your preferences might vary depending on your preferred play style, for example. Also, since Tower of Fantasy is a live service MMORPG, things are going to change over time. Characters might get nerfed or buffed. Plus, other characters will probably come in and upset the current balance. So, don’t take our choices below as something completely set in stone. With all that said, here’s where we think these characters belong.

  • S Tier – King (Scythe of the Crow), Samir (Dual EM Stars), Cobalt-B, Meryl (Rosy Edge)
  • A Tier – Coco Ritter (Absolute Zero), Claudia, Tsubasa (Icewind Arrow), Xi, Huma (Molten Shield V2)
  • B Tier – Shiro (Chakram of the Seas), Zero (Negating Cube), Crow (Thunderblades), Hane
  • C Tier – Bai Ling (Nightingale’s Feather), Ene (Pummeler), Peppa, Echo (Thunderous Halberd)
  • D Tier – Manaka, Hilda (The Terminator)

So, that’s our character tier list for Tower of Fantasy. Feel free to share your own tier list in the comments below, if you think you have a better one. Just keep things civil, of course. Bottom line, you’ll go into the game with a better idea of which characters to keep and which you might want to re-roll, given the chance. You want to start off any gacha game with the best possible roster, after all. For more info on the game, check out some of our other guides, like Tower of Fantasy Release Date & Time, How to Play & Download Tower of Fantasy on PC, and Tower of Fantasy Coop and Crossplay.

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