Tower Of Fantasy Samir Gifts

Wondering which gifts are best to awaken Samir in Tower Of Fantasy? Tower Of Fantasy is the latest hit among the gacha RPG games. Released in August of 2022, the game features 15 distinctive characters (called simulacra) at launch, which players can unlock via the game’s gacha system. Once you add a character (or Simulacrum) to your roster, you will be able to unlock various avatars, story logs, and Traits. These can be obtained via the Awakening system in Tower of Fantasy. In order to awake them, you’ll need to present them with various gifts. However, each character has their specific taste, thus, you need to know what to gift to whom. In this guide, you will learn what are the best gifts for Samir in Tower of Fantasy in order to get more Awakening Points.

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Tower Of Fantasy Samir Gifts

Best Gifts for Samir in Tower of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy features the unique Awakening system, which works similarly to the “Rapport” system in Lost Ark. Unlike Rapport or other gift-giving systems in other games, the Awakening system provides rewards related to that specific character. Basically, by gifting your Simulacra things they appreciate, you will “awaken” them and unlock a host of character-specific rewards. These range from cosmetic items, such as Avatars, to Story Logs, which provide more information about that character, their motivations and background. In terms of gameplay, the most important rewards for Awakening your character are Simulacrum traits. These are passive buffs that significantly improve your characters, and are unique for each Simulacrum.

Now when we know all of this, let’s see what gifts you should give to Samir in order to maximize the number of Awakening Points you’ll receive. Any gift can be used to acquire Awakening Points for any Simulacra. However, giving the gits that a Simulacra prefers will net you more AP. Here are the best gifts for Samir:

  • Best Blue Gifts (+30 Awakening Points per gift)
    • Chess Set
    • Plush Toy
    • Cat Throw Pillow
    • Colouring Book
    • Moonrabbit Kit
  • Best Green Gifts (+15 Awakening Points per gift)
    • Custom Poker Set
    • Paper Pinwheel
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