Uncharted 4 Chapter 12 Treasure Locations - At Sea

Chapter 12: At Sea is one of the levels in Uncharted 4. It’s the one where you drive a motor boat between exotic islands with Sam.
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There are 13 collectible relics to be found here, and getting them will help you unlock the Treasure Master trophy. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all Chapter 12 Treasures in Uncharted 4.

At Sea Treasure Locations

Once you start the chapter, head toward the large island to the right. This is the island with the man-made structure – the tower you can see from far away. Go to the beach on the other side of the island and look for a large rock. Below this rock is the Silver and Wood Tankard.On the same beach, there is a small cave far away from the tower. Find it and you can collect the next treasure – the Persian Silver Pen Box.The same island, the one with the tower, hides an another treasure spot. It is located on the small beach, behind the large tower. You have to go around the island to get there. The treasure’s name is Panamanian Pendant.As you complete the objective on the first island with the tower, you have to start following the route marked with arrows. At one point, this path takes you near the stone peninsula with the two arches you can pass through. A small platform near one of these will take you to the treasure – the Persian Leather Notebook Case.From the previous treasure, you’ll have to drive your boat further into the open sea. There is a small island with a sunken ship there. The Brass Pocket Sundial is within the hull of this ship.Following the stone arrows path, you’re eventually supposed to find and enter a small cave. Right from its entrance is the beach where the Combination Lock Tobacco Box is.We are now inside the cave where the stone arrows got us and we stumble upon the large door in the rocks. The Deccani Bronze Spouted Bowl is to the right from this door, on a small path.Further into the chapter, you’ll climb on top of a rock, once the wooden bridge Sam is walking over collapses. Jump to the next platform and look for the Mughal Elephant Carving inside the dark cave.The next man-made structure you come upon following the story is another tower. Inside this tower, on its lowest floor is the Ottoman Helmet.You’ll have to use the rope to get from the tower to the other side. Use the rope, but do not fall on the slippery side of the hill. Jump on the platform instead, and from there use the path to your left to reach the Deccani Bronze Vase.As you go down the slippery hill, turn to your left. Follow the path and climb on top of the rock. From the top, you’ll have to make a jump and rope-grab a branch to reach the other side. This is where the Strange Relic can be found.Pay attention as you come to the part where you have to rope-swing to the lower round structure. The second rope grab location is a stone statue. The Hamsa Mythical Goose is next to the legs of this statue.Once you are down, find the provision room. Keep to your left here and jump in the water. Make your way to the other side, where the small platform with the Pique Tortoise Shell Box treasure is.
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