Uncharted 4 Chapter 11 Treasures - Hidden in Plain Sight

Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight is the level that takes place in a city marketplace filled with people, next to the tower of Edward England’s tower. You can find 5 treasures in this map – they’re well hidden, and you’ll even have to pay for one.
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This guide will show you the locations of all Chapter 11 Treasures in Uncharted 4.

Hidden in Plain Sight Treasure Locations

The first thing you can get is the “Antique” Compass. It can be found in the marketplace, at one of the vendors. When you get to the butcher stalls (the ones grouped under a roof, with yellow walls), look to the right. Talk to the salesman – you’ll need to approach him several times, in order to haggle. In the end, you’ll buy the piece for 300 dollars.

The Earthenware Mug can be found in the end of the market, near the part with the butcher stalls. Go behind the butchers and to the right, then follow the stairs down into the alley. Turn left at the end and you’ll see the treasure on the ground.

You can get the Nephite and Jade Bowl inside the tower. Once you’re in the hall with the insignia on the floor, turn towards the steps and head into the small room to the left. You’ll see a statue on the wall, and the collectible will be next to it.

The Ivory Handle Dagger is sitting at the top of the bell tower. When you get to the highest platform, go outside and use the ledges to climb even higher. The collectible is on a balcony up there.

After you’ve collapsed the mechanism in the bell tower, look behind the rubble on the other side of the room. You’ll find the Brass Globe Hand Warmer under the vertical beam.