Uncharted 4 Chapter 17 Treasures - For Better or Worse

Chapter 17: For Better or Worse is a mission in Uncharted 4. It’s the one where you trawl through the jungle with Elena.
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There are six pieces of treasure in it. Collecting them will move you a bit closer to unlocking the Treasure Master trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Uncharted 4 Chapter 17 Treasures.

For Better or Worse Treasure Locations

The first one is close to the area where you lift Elena up so she can detach the locked ladder. After you climb it, you can make a few steps before you reach a cliff. You’ll find the Mughal Flared Vase on the edge of the cliff, to the left.

Once you’re at the wooden elevator, turn around and look for a broken staircase. Jump to its bottom and pick up the Mughal Hinged Box from the crate.

After you use the jeep to pull down part of a building, climb inside. Look for a door on the left – it will lead to a terrace. Once outside, you’ll see a box with the Jade Serving Bowl in it.

After Elena breaks through the elevator checkpoint with her jeep (on the higher level), go past her and to the right. Follow the ledge until you reach the cache with the Ancient Stone Bowl.

When you reach the small house encased in stone, go in and jump through the window to the other side. Turn around and you’ll see the Pewter Incense Burner on the ground.

When you reach the valley, you’ll see a water mill slowly turning. Approach it and climb to the upper floor. You’ll find the 18th Century Combination Lock on what looks like a generator.