Uncharted 4 Chapter 18 Treasure Locations - New Devon

Chapter 18: New Devon is one of the missions in Uncharted 4. In it, you’ll have to explore the flooded district with Elena, looking for Avery’s palace. You can collect eight treasures during this level. This guide will show you Uncharted 4 Chapter 18 treasure locations.

New Devon Treasure Locations

The first one you’ll find is the Small Mughal Dagger. It’s in one of the hanging cages with skeletons in front of the city gate, on the right side. Climb the pillar near the gate and jump onto the gallows to get there.

The Mughal Stout Vase can also be found before you enter the city. When you stand in front of the gate, turn left and head into the swamp. The trinket will be next to a tree there.

The Mughal Candle Holder is in the area with the golden statues. Once you jump into the water, swim to the left. Get out of the pond and follow the wall until you reach an alcove. The relic will be under it.

You can obtain the Mughal Headdress in the same area. Go all the way to the right, and swim to the corner. Dive into the pond and you’ll find the treasure on the bottom.

Mughal Circular Box is very close to the house with the river going through it. Look at the waterfalls on your left. Go to the right side of the right one and look behind the tree. This is where you’ll find the treasure.

Once you’re in the mansion, go to the bedroom. You’ll enter it through a hole in the floor. Exit through the door and make a U turn right. At the end of the hallway, behind the ottoman is the Spanish Brass Chalice.

When you’re on the cliff above the city, walking along the walls of the house, you’ll see a couple of old cannons. Go past them and look for the Mughal Painted Elephant on a windowsill.

Finally, the Mughal Dinnerware is hidden inside the palace. You’ll stumble into a giant room with a fireplace, a circular staircase and a round area illuminated by warm sunlight. Go up the staircase and look for the treasure on a small table next to the railing.

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