Uncharted 4 Chapter 3 Treasure Locations - Malaysia Job

Chapter 3: The Malaysia Job is the third level of Uncharted 4. It’s a mission that takes place mainly underwater, so you’ll do quite a bit of diving.
There are four treasures to be found in it, most of them in the water. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Uncharted 4 Chapter 3 treasure locations.

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Chapter 3 Treasures

As soon as you start the chapter, swim to the right. Look for a tree trunk positioned on top of two rocks. The treasure will be beneath it – an Antique Padlock with a strange symbol.

The second collectible is in a large cave with two entrances. Use the left one to enter, then search the cave floor to your right as soon as you’re inside. You’ll find a Chiriqui Shark Trinket.

When you get to the red sunken container, don’t tow it straight away. Instead, turn right and start swimming up the cliff. At some point, you’ll see a faint glimmer behind the wall of grass. Approach it, and you’ll get a nifty Antique Pocketwatch.

The final treasure is above the water. Once you’re back on the salvaging ship, climb the small set of stairs near the container. There will be a shelf on your right, filled with a bunch of stuff. Among the crates and cans, you’ll find an Antique Arcade Token.



    Don Giebner

    In the Malaysia job how did you open the tanker door. Must be doing something wrong

      Don’t you just have to spam the appropriate button?

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