Treasure Locations & Treasure Master Trophy | Uncharted 4

Treasures are collectibles in Uncharted 4. There are several of them in every chapter – collecting them will give you more insight into the past of the area you’re visiting.
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Once you’ve got them all, you’ll unlock a certain trophy. This guide will show you all treasure locations in Uncharted 4, what they look like.

Uncharted 4 Treasures

When you get your first collectible, you’ll earn the First Treasure trophy. Getting 50 of them will award you the TreasureHunter one, while collecting all 109 will result in unlocking the Treasure Master trophy.

Getting these collectibles will also award you unlock points, which can later be used to get a variety of things. Among themare pieces of concept art, character skins, gameplay modifiers (no gravity, helium voices), visual filters (sepia, 8bit,rainbow land) and weapons. You can access them from the game’s bonus menu.

A couple of them are also easter eggs referencing Naughty Dog’s earlier games, both from this series and not.

Here’s a full list of all treasures by chapter: