Uncharted 4 Chapter 6 Treasures - Once A Thief

Chapter 6: Once A Thief is a level in Uncharted 4. There are nine treasures in this chapter, and collecting them will help you unlock the Treasure Master trophy.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you all chapter 6 treasure locations in Uncharted 4, what they are and what they look like.

Once A Thief Treasure Locations

The first treasure is in the hills above the mansion. You’ll have to get it while approaching the estate with Sam. When you get to the cliff overlooking the house, go left. You’ll find a Mughal Water Container.

The second one is near the place where you hang from a wall with Sam, waiting for the guards to pass. Once you’ve pulled yourself up, go straight along the wall until you reach a house. The Nephrite Brass Cup will be on the window under the tree.

After you talk to Sully and Sam on the upper floor (where you decide to go through the cellar), turn around and enter the lounge. There’s an ornate desk in the room, next to the hallway wall. On it, you’ll find the Viking Cloak Clasp.

After you leave the lounge, go forward and turn right onto the balcony. Once you’re out, turn right again. Look closely at the wall, and you’ll discover the Mother of Pearl Horn.

When you enter the cellar with Sam, follow him and keep looking to the left. You’ll soon see a bunch of round tables against a wall. Approach them and look at the pile on the right. The Persian Bronze Bowl is right there, on top of the boxes.

While still in the cellar, you’ll pass a room with some guards and go down a set of wooden stairs. If you look under the stairs, you’ll find a Brass Barber’s Bowl.

When you exit the ventilation and have to give Sam a leg up, turn the other way and jump off the balcony. Go to the right and climb the ladder. Climb the drain pipe and use the ledges to get onto the roof on your right. There, you’ll find the Syrian Vase.

After you climb the ladder, look to the left. You’ll see a door with small cross-shaped holes around it. Climb the eave above it, then jump towards the terrace on your right. You’ll find the Persian Candlestick there, next to one of the columns.

When you enter the ruined tower next to the estate jump down and turn left. If you drop down to the ledge there, you can climb up and go right, to get the Mughal Dagger.