Uncharted 4 Chapter 9 Treasures - Those Who Prove Worthy

Chapter 9: Those Who Prove Worthy is a mission in Uncharted 4, the one that takes place in the ice caverns. You’ll get to explore the frozen passages with Sam, looking for Avery’s hidding spot.
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This guide is going to show you all Uncharted 4 Chapter 9 Treasure Locations.

Those Who Prove Worthy Treasure Locations

The first thing you can find is the Lantern Mounted Flintlock. As soon as the chapter starts, into the large chamber past the statues, drop down to the right, turn left and follow the path to a room in the cliff face. You’ll find the treasure in it.

You can get the Strange Pendant after solving the water bucket puzzle. Go to the right until you reach the cliff. Use the beam on the left to swing into the cave on the right. The trinket will be on a corpse in the cave.

After you return to the path, continue on until you get to the area with large arches on the ceiling. Go to the cliff behind the pillar on the left – it is adorned with ledges. Use them to drop down and grab the Amatory Box from a hole in the wall.

After you spy on Nadine and Rafe, drop down and turn around. There will be a door in the far left corner. It leads into a room with several statues. The Pewter Box will be next to the wall in front of you.

When you get to a broken bridge leading to a broken ladder, approach the door on the right. Drop down using the ledges and, while holding onto them, grab the Memento Mori Skull Watch from the hole in the wall.

You can find the Scottish Tipstaff a bit later, after you climb the big stairs and pass through under a stone arch. If you turn to the right, you’ll see a slightly elevated platform. Use your grappling hook on the crate over there and you’ll be able to cross the gap. The treasure is in a wicker basket next to the shelf.