Journal Entry Locations in Uncharted 4

Journal Entries are collectibles in Uncharted 4. Finding them will help you piece together bits of the story.
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There are diary pages, letters, maps and audio recordings you can collect. If you get them all, you’ll unlock the Lost Art of Journaling trophy. The first one shows up in Chapter 8 so you will spend some time in the game before you start seeing them. They are a bit different than other collectibles in Uncharted 4 because to actually complete one journal entry you have to collect several pieces of the entry throughout the level. These can be obtained automatically, by completing a certain part of the story or you have to interact with the environment at a certain point. In this guide, we’re going to show you all journal locations in Uncharted 4.

Chapter 8 Journal Entries

Chapter 9 Journal Entry – Those Who Prove Worthy

Chapter 10 Journal Entries – The Twelve Towers

Chapter 12 At Sea Journal Entries

Journal Entries Chapter 13 – Marooned

Chapter 14 – Join Me in Paradise Journal Entries

Chapter 15 – The Thieves of Libertalia Journal Entries

Journal Entries in Chapter 17 – For Better or Worse

Chapter 18 Journal Entries – New Devon

We will update this guide with all Journal Entry locations in Uncharted 4 as we progress through the game further

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