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Greirat is one of the vendors in Dark Souls 3. He can join you at Firelink Shrine if you help him out.
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Later on, you’ll get to send him out on expeditions to get new items for sale. If certain conditions aren’t met, he can die during those excursions. This guide will show you where to find Greirat in Dark Souls 3, how to free him, how to keep him alive as time goes on.

dks3 greirat quest

Where to find Greirat

He can be found in the High Wall of Lothric, near the second bonfire. Descend the stairs into the tower and jump all the way down to the lowest floor. Follow the corridors into the kitchen, then make a sharp turn right and keep going until you reach a locked cell. Greirat will be inside.

His cell door is locked, so you’ll need to find the key. Go back to the bonfire, into the tower, then descend only one floor. Exit onto the terrace and jump to the rooftops. Go to the far right corner of the roof and use the ladder. Go through the door next to the ladder, and exit through the door on the opposite side. Go straight ahead until you hit a banister. Go down the stairs and into the building again. The key is on a corpse in the left corner, at the bottom of a set of stairs.

Greirat’s Quest

Once you’ve freed him, he’ll ask you to bring a certain ring to a woman named Loretta in the Undead Settlement. While exploring the area, you’ll find her remains. Bring Loretta’s Bone to Greirat in Firelink Shrine. He’ll let you keep the Blue Tearstone Ring.
Sending him out on expeditions will result in expanding his inventory. There’s a danger he’ll die in some of them, so you’ll have to take precautions.

First Expedition

You can send him on his first outing shortly after he arrives to the shrine. He’ll return once you’ve defeated the Crystal Sage, bringing a lot of new stuff, including:
  • Knight’s armor set
  • Assassin armor set
  • Target shield
  • Zweihander
  • Warpick
  • Lightning urns

Second Expedition

After you’ve killed Pontiff Sulyvahn, he’ll offer to go on another scavenging hunt. There’s a chance he could die during this one. To save him, you need to have Siegward in Irithyll, in the kitchen. To do this, simply advance his quest until that point, but do not talk to him once you see him in the kitchen. Only then can you safely send Greirat on the second expedition. Say nothing to Patches if he asks about Greirat’s location. Here are some of the items he brings back:
  • Hidden Blessing
  • Twinkling Titanite
  • Titanite Scale
  • Lothric Knight Greatsword
  • Knight’s Crossbow
  • Moonlight Arrow
  • Dragonslayer Greatarrow
  • Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow
  • Lightning Bolt

Third Expedition

As far as we’ve been able to check, there’s no way to save Greirat from dying on this one. If you send him out on the third expedition, he will die in Lothric Castle. The only thing you can do afterwards is collect Greirat’s Ashes and give them to the Handmaid. She will then start selling his inventory.




  1. K

    i have request him to go on his first pillage, i already defeated the crystal but i believe i did before i asked him to pillage, iam up to irithyll and he still hasnt came back, is he just in a different spot at firelink shrine or somewhere else/ have i done it in the wrong order and messed it up?

    1. I

      No, the next boss you kill he will come back.

      1. R

        ^ This. It’s just best to remember to send him out before you defeat the Crystal Sage next time.

  2. N

    is there a way to get another lorettas bone i gave mine to the birds.

    1. S

      i probably sold or threw mine, because i can’t find it in my inventory and he is still asking me to give her th ring :/

      1. I

        Still no answer to this?

        1. E

          Nah mate its a quest choice to follow up geirats or trade it to pickle crow for Ring of sacrifice(which is useless imo ull find quite a few later or buy a few later) in one gameplay. This run of urs is screwed untill u end the game and start a ng+.

  3. E

    You can save him in lothric when you clear the consumed garden and kill the two dragons.

    1. Z

      Is this confirmed ?

      1. E

        I sent him on his 3rd journey after clearing consumed garden, killed those 2 dragon, cleared that boss before grand archived. Found his ashes on top of the roof in grand archives. 🙁
        Ima send him after killing the prince on my next run. Not sure if he really can be saved on his 3rd run so far.

  4. if he dies on the second expedition… like he did in my game… is there any way to pick up his ashes? i can’t seem to find them.

    i thought they were down in the sewers with the spiders in the irithyll valley… right below the kitchen with siegward?

    1. R

      Correct on that

  5. M

    Really bad guide considering if you don’t talk to Siegward and let Patches know where he’s gone, he dies.

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