Journal Notes Locations in Uncharted 4

Journal Notes are collectibles in Uncharted 4. They are mostly letters and notes which let you discover more bits of story.
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Collecting them all will unlock the Lost History trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you all journal notes locations in Uncharted 4.

Chapter 8 Journal Notes

chapter 8 journal note locationsWhen you enter the crypt below Avery’s grave, go all the way down the stairs. The note will be in the far left corner of the first room you enter.

Journal Notes in Chapter 9

journal note location ice cave uncharted 4After you squeeze through a tunnel and get to the broken wooden bridge leading over a chasm, drop down from the ledge. The note is on the dead body propped against the pillar.

Twelve Towers Journal Notes

chapter 10 twelve towers journal locationsWhen you get to the first river, go left towards the waterfall. Enter the cave behind it. Use the wooden crate to climb to the platform. The note is on the desk.

Chapter 12 At Sea Journal Notes

uncharted 4 journal note chapter 12 bern's letterOnce you start the chapter, head towareds the large islands in front of you. There are two of them. The one on your left hides the letter in the small cave.
uncharted 4 journal note chapter 12 old letterLater on in the chapter, stone arrows will guide you to the cave entrance. If you pay enough attention, you can spot the small island with the ship’s mast. Go to this island. There is a note on it.

Journal Note Locations in Chapter 13 Marooned

journal note chapter 13 map letterAs you go past the giant waterfall, you’ll end up in a small cave. Through this cave, you’ll have to slide down the slippery hill to climb on a rock and another waterfall. This path leads to another cave. Once you leave it, to your left will be the note on a dead body.
uncharted 4 journal entry chapter 13 walter haye's letterNear the end of the chapter, you’ll find yourself in the jungle with large trees. At one point, you’ll have to climb onto a small platform. This is where you can find the note. It is rather hard to miss it, as this is a mandatory spot for climbing up to the end of the chapter.

Join Me in Paradise – Journal Notes in Chapter 14

uncharted 4 note chapter 14 letterAt the start of the chapter, there is a blacksmith store to your right. You can climb to a second floor window on the side of the store. Once up, to your right will be the room with the note.
uncharted 4 journal note chapter 14 matthew letterAt some point in the chapter, you’ll have to pass a small green wooden bridge. The table with the note is in the next room below.

Journal Notes in Chapter 15

journal notes chapter 15 the thieves of libertaliaAll three letters are in the same room. They are found at three random places. You have to check and open all boxes and drawers to get all three notes.

Chapter 17 For Better or Worse Journal Notes

uncharted 4 journal note chapter 17As you start driving the car riddled with bullets, at one point you’ll cross the river. Stop here and look to your right. There will be a small wooden ladder. Take this path. It leads to the small room with the note.
uncharted 4 note chapter 17 for better or worseFurther into the chapter (when you are left without the car) you will stand in front of a large cave with a stream. Instead of going into it, take the path to your right, toward the crushed bridge. The note is at the end of the road.

Journal Notes in Chapter 18 New Devon

uncharted 4 journal note 1 chapter 18As you enter the flooded compound, you’ll have to enter the house to your left. Inside this house is a room with a bed and a dead pirate. There is a note next to it.
uncharted 4 journal note 2 chapter 18At one point, you and Elena will leave the small cave and come across a hanged body. The journal note is behind it, on a table.
uncharted 4 journal note 3 chapter 18 new devonA bit further, the roof of the building collapses and you end up in the water with Elena. Inside the next house, you can find the table with the note just before you go under the fireplace.
New Devon Journal Note 4 Chapter 18After the room with the many pirates at the table is a small room with a fireplace. Check out this fireplace to find the journal note.
uncharted 4 journal note 5 chapter 18Just after the big fight in the mansion, you’ll enter the most colorful hallway. Elena will read a note she finds and give it to you later on.

Chapter 20 Journal Note Locations – No Escape

chapter 20 libertalia journal note uncharted 4As you’re getting to the part of town where the statue on a small square is, turn right into the last house before the stone arch. The note is on a table.
chapter 21 journal note location bonfireThis one is actually in Chapter 21. Just follow the level until you reach a bonfire next to a cliff. There will be a skeleton near it. Take the letter from him.