Uncharted 4 Puzzle Solutions

There are six puzzles in Uncharted 4. They’re not optional, so you’ll have to complete them if you want to reach the end of the game.
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They’re not too difficult, but you might need some time to figure them out. In this guide, we’re going to show you all puzzle solutions in Uncharted 4.

Chapter 2 Puzzle – Symbol Deciphering

When you reach the cell with the zodiac symbols and roman numerals on the wall, examine the small sun symbol next to the door. Find the stone labeled with XII and interact with it to solve the puzzle.
If you’re interested in the reasoning of the solution, examine the letter Vargas gave you. You’ll find two zodiac symbols on it, which correspond to “X” and “II”, according to the scrawlings on the wall. Put them together, and you get “XII”.

Chapter 8 Puzzle – Lights & Crosses

When you get to the crypt of Henry Avery, you’ll have to use direct a bunch of lights to appropriate receptacles. Go behind the statues on crosses, examine the back side and Sam will light the flame. Return to the front and use the machinery under the statues to move the lights. The pictures show where each light should go:
When that’s done, approach the door and interact with it to turn the small handle in the lower left part.

Chapter 9 Water Bucket Puzzle

Once you get to the room with the elaborate device, take the wooden bucket from it, fill it with water and put it back. This will reveal the control mechanism. You’ll need to turn the cranks so that the crosses and the bucket are in the correct positions.

  • Turn crank #2 once to the left.
  • Turn crank #3 twice to the left.
  • Turn crank #2 to the left twice.
  • Turn crank #3 once to the right.

Chapter 11 Bell Tower Puzzle

Once you reach the bell tower in Chapter 11, you’ll have to place the coin on the pedestal in the middle of the room. When you do this, four statues will appear in a certain order. You need to ring the bells up above in the corresponding order.

  1. Scorpion
  2. Man with a pitcher
  3. Lion
  4. Bull
The bells have statues around them, and pictures on them, that will let you know which is which.

Chapter 11 Founders’ Portraits Puzzle

After you descend under the bell tower, you’ll find a puzzle wheel. It will present you with 4 puzzles. You’ll need to take pictures of signs on various pirate portraits before you can start solving the puzzles. First, here’s how to arrange the first two tiles:

Enter the first room with the paintings and examine the symbols on them. Approach the wheel again and solve the second puzzle:

Go into the room with the paintings and investigate the star patterns on them. Go back to the wheel and solve the next tile puzzle:

Go into the newly opened room, examine the four portraits and look closer at the squares. Return to the wheel and solve the tile puzzle:

Chapter 12 At Sea Puzzle Solution

This puzzles will require you to roll some stones with sings into correct places, after you’ve rotated them so they show correct symbols. In each row, you’ll need to find a spot where you won’t rotate both at once, then use it to set each one. Here’s how the first two rows should look:

The third row stones rotate when you move them. You should rotate them so that they’re a little off – when you move them in place, they’ll turn and position themselves correctly.

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