Rock Cairn Locations in Uncharted 4

Rock Cairns are one of the collectibles in Uncharted 4. They are piles of stones that can be found scattered all over the map in Chapter 10.
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They can be knocked over either by running a car into them or hitting them with a weapon. When you topple them all, you’ll unlock the Not A Cairn In The World trophy. This guide will show you all rock cairn locations in Uncharted 4.

Uncharted 4 Rock Cairns

No.ImageWhere to find
1uncharted 4 rock cairn locations guideThe first one is a few metres in front of where you start the chapter, at the fork in the road.
2stone pillar collectible uncharted 4The second one can be found at the bank of the first river you cross. It’s on the side you’ll approach from.
3chapter 10 rock cairn riverNext to the river, on a large rock by the muddy road that leads up to the rickety wooden bridge.
4where to find rock cairn uncharted 4On your left, just before the rickety wooden bridge.
5madagascar rock cairn location uncharted 4After you cross the bridge, there’s another one on your left.
6rock towers africa uncharted 4This one is on a large rock after you cross the river and almost get pulled down by the waterfall.
7twelve towers rock cairns uncharted 4When you drive up the stream and a rock slides a bit while you’re on it, you’ll see a cairn on your right.
8knock over rock cairns madagascarWhen you take the winding road down the hill, slow down before every bend. The last one is where you’ll find a cairn.
9not a cairn in the world trophy uncharted 4When you get to the U turn in front of a cave, stop the car and look between the giant stones on the other side of the road.
10uncharted 4 stone piles madagascarAfter you use the winch to turn a destroyed bridge into a ramp, drive up and look for large stones on your right. The cairn will be next to them.
11all 16 rock cairn locations uncharted 4As you drive towards the oasis, you’ll see one on a large stone.
12stone pile chapter 10 twelve towersIn the middle of the valley next to beacon tower hill, above the baobab oasis.
13rock cairn baobab oasisOn top of the hill overlooking the oasis, by a ruined house. Across the valley from the hill where the beacon tower is.
14uncharted 4 stone cairn locationsNear the gate leading to the beacon tower, hidden in a bunch of flowers on the left of the road.
15rock cairn beacon towerOn a rock several feet away from the beacon tower.
16chapter 10 twelve towers rock cairnsA little before you reach the final tower, on the cliff. Be careful not to fall down.