Destiny 2 teaser image on official Destiny Twitter

It has all been leading up to this. Just a day before the official launch of the final Destiny update, Age of Triumph, Destiny 2 has been confirmed. An image on Destiny’s Twitter, nothing more, nothing less. A silent post, a watchful Twitter crowd, perhaps not the sequel we deserve, but probably the one fans need right now.

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destiny age of triumph
Age of Triumph is meant to celebrate the Guardians for playing the game so long.

It has been 2 years and six months since the release of Destiny, and it will be probably another six months until we are actually able to play its sequel, but these are exciting times for Destiny fans. This probably means that the recently leaked poster in Italian which shows some Destiny artwork and an announcement for the beta seems to have been confirmed.

The smooth and beautiful gameplay will probably again be Destiny 2’s forte, however, this time around the fans will surely expect more from Bungie when it comes to the story. The original game did not hit its stride until well into its second expansion. This did not stop players to amass two billion hours of gameplay altogether.

In other interesting and recent Destiny news, a group of players spent two years uncovering an alternative way to reach the Atheon throne room in the Vault of glass. The unadulterated energy and desire to search for the unknown is truly awe-inspiring.

As far as the Age of Triumph is concerned, this swan song for Destiny will try to encourage players to once again go through the raids they have already done, this time with a twist, as they will include Challenge Modes. Crota’s End has been change the most, but the other three major raids have also seen some work done. Expect new armor sets, weapons and more.


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