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Episode 2 in Until Dawn is called Jealousy. It starts with the whole crew meeting in front of the lodge.
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There are 18 collectibles to be found during this episode – 5 totems and 13 clues. Collecting them will help your progress towards four trophies: Night of the Totem Hunter, The Fateful Descent, The Tale of the Two Sisters and You Opened Their Eyes. In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of all collectibles in episode 2.

Guidance Totem #2

until dawn guidance totem 2 locationCharacter: Chris
Item: Guidance Totem

When you’re outside the lodge, don’t immediately follow Josh. Go towards the screen – you’ll see Matt standing in the snow. The totem will be in front of him.

Mystery Man Clue #4

mystery man clue 4 locationCharacter: Chris & Josh
Item: Axe Case

While Chris and Josh are talking about phones, going around the lodge, you’ll notice an empty axe case on the wall. This is the clue you’re looking for.

Loss Totem #1

loss totem 1 locationCharacter: Chris
Item: Loss Totem

After you get into the basement, turn around and go to the shelf with the bicycle and sheeted furniture next to it. The totem will be on the floor.

Mystery Man Clue #2

mystery man clue 2 until dawnCharacter: Chris
Item: Newspaper fragment

While in the basement, go into the little storage room to the left. There’s a newspaper clipping on the right shelf. Inspect it.

The Twins Clue #4

until dawn the twins clue 4 locationCharacter: Chris
Item: Family portrait

There’s another door to the right of the storage room. Go through it, down the hallway. At the end of it, you’ll see a painting hanging on the wall. It’s a Washington family portrait, and the clue you’re looking for.

Mystery Man Clue #3

until dawn mystery clue 3 locationCharacter: Chris
Item: Answerphone message

When you enter the house, go right, straight ahead (past the stairs) then left, then right again. You should be in the dining room. There’s and answering machine on the cupboard against the wall. Interact with it to play the phone message.

The Twins Clue #3

twins clue 3 prom night until dawnCharacter: Chris
Item: Prom night photo

Leave the dining room and go back to the stairs. There’s a dresser to the left. On it, you’ll find a picture of the twins with Mike and Sam, before their prom.

The Twins Clue #2

until dawn twins clue 2 beach photoCharacter: Chris
Item: Beach photo

Go behind the big stairs, and take the smaller ones on the right to the floor below. You’ll find the beach photo on the cupboard opposite the stairs.

The Twins Clue #1

the twins clue 1 until dawn film trophyCharacter: Chris
Item: Film trophy

Climb the stairs to the top floor, then turn left. Go as far as you can, and you’ll see a bookshelf on your right. The film trophy is on one of the shelves.

Danger Totem #1

danger totem 1 locationCharacter: Mike & Jess
Item: Danger totem

When you go into the woods to start the generator, you’ll find it in a run-down shack. The totem is in the snow next to the door to the shack, on the left side.

Fortune Totem #1

fortune totem 1 location mines until dawnCharacter: Mike & Jess
Item: Fortune totem

After you’ve entered the mines, and the cart comes rolling towards you, you’ll see a crossroads. The left path leads out, the right to the first fortune totem.

Mystery Man Clue #5

mystery man clue 5 cigar stubCharacter: Mike & Jess
Item: Cigare stub

After you’ve picked up the totem, go back and climb the stairs to the left. Turn right at the top, and look at the barrel on your left. You’ll find a cigare stub on the lid.

Mystery Man Clue #6

mystical symbol mystery man clue 6 until dawnCharacter: Mike & Jess
Item: Mystical symbol

Look at the wall with the deer skull. You’ll see a drawing on it. Approach it and investigate.

1952 Clue #1

until dawn 1952 clue 1 danger mapCharacter: Mike & Jess
Item: Mine danger map

When you go towards the exit, a beam will collapse. After that, look to your right. You’ll see a wooden table, and on it, a map of the dangerous areas of the mine.

Loss Totem #2

loss totem 2 locationCharacter: Mike & Jess
Item: Loss totem

After you exit the mine, turn left when you hit the railing. The totem will be in the snow at the end of the road.

Mystery Man Clue #8

until dawn clue mystery man 8 postcard bedroomCharacter: Sam
Item: Postcard

Exit the bathroom and turn left into the bedroom. The postcard is on the night stand on the left side of the bed.

The Twins Clue #5

tattoo card twins clue 5 until dawnCharacter: Sam
Item: Tattoo card

On the opposite side of the bedroom, there’s a desk. The tattoo card is on it. Note: if you want everyone to survive, you mustn’t miss this clue. If you do, Josh will die no matter what you do.

The Twins Clue #6

twins clue 6 compatability test locationCharacter: Sam
Item: Compatability test

In the back of the bedroom, there’s a walk-in closet. On the floor in the far end of it, you’ll find the final clue. It’s a ripped piece of paper from a compatability test.


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