Scream Too Trophy - Until Dawn

Scream Too! trophy is one of the Silver Trophies in Until Dawn.
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You can earn this trophy during the fifth chapter – Prey, when Sam is chased by the Maniac. If she doesn’t escape, the Maniac will kill her, and Scream Too! Trophy will be unlocked. In this case you’ll not be able to collect all collectibles in Chapter 7 – Violence. You should choose the following choices if you want Sam to survive: jump over the bed, run, pull the shelf with wine bottles to get the handle, hide in the elevator.

scream too until dawn trophy

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  1. W

    This isn’t at all how to get this trophy. In fact, this is wrong in every way possible. That isn’t even what happens if you get caught.

    1. I

      Yeah, this makes me mad, too. For one thing, even though I haven’t played the game myself, every source I have says Sam can’t even die until the last chapter. “Scream Too” has to do with Mike, a machete, and a bear trap. It’s a homage to a similar achievement in Heavy Rain, I believe.

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