The Twins Clue Locations | Until Dawn

The Twins clues are collectibles in Until Dawn, pieces of info related to Hannah and Beth Washington. There are twenty of them over the course of the game, and collecting them all unlocks The Tale of The Two Sisters trophy.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you all twins clue locations in Until Dawn.

Clue #1 Film Trophy

Until Dawn The Twins Clue 1 Film TrophyChapter 2
Character: Chris

The film trophy award statue is on the second floor of the main house, on the ledge of the platform just above the main hall.

Clue #2 Beach Photo

Until Dawn The Twins Clue 2 Beach PhotoChapter 2
Character: Chris

Check the shelf next to the door, just before the entrance to the basement. The photo is on it, close to the candlestick.

Clue #3 Prom Night Photo

Until Dawn The Twins Clue 3 Prom Night PhotoChapter 2
Character: Chris

You can find a wooden shelf with two pictures above it on the wall, inside the main house, near the stairs that lead to the second floor. The photo is on this shelf.

Clue #4 Family Portrait

Until Dawn The Twins Clue 4 Family PortraitChapter 2
Character: Chris

When Josh helps Chris get into the house, Chris ends up in a long tunnel with stone pillars. At the first turn, you’ll notice a picture on the wall. Inspect it to collect the clue.

Clue #5 Tattoo Card

Until Dawn The Twins Clue 5 Tattoo CardChapter 2
Character: Sam

Hannah’s room is on the second floor of the mansion. Once you enter it, turn to your right. There is a card on the desk. NOTE: You have to pick this up if you want Josh to live.

Clue #6 Compatibility Test

Until Dawn The Twins Clue 6 Compatibility TestUntil Dawn The Twins Clue 6 Compatibility TestChapter 2
Character: Sam

There’s a wardrobe in the room where you found the previous clue. You’ll find the Compatibility Test inside, on the floor.
We’ll update the guide with more locations as we progress through the game.

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