Red Danger Totem Locations | Until Dawn

Totems are collectibles in Until Dawn. Their other function is that each of them contains a prophecy that might come true, depending on your actions.
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Danger Totem warn you that some of your choices might help you avoid or face attacks, injuries and similar. As you unlock them, events of the past will become more clear. In this guide, we’re going to show you all red totem locations in Until Dawn since they are counted toward unlocking the Night of the Totem Hunter achievement in the game.

Danger Totem #1

danger totem 1 locationChapter 2: Jealousy
Character: Mike & Jess

Mike and Jess are at the Washington Lodge grounds trying to start up the generator. As you follow the path from the cabin you’ll come across a locked gate. As you move away from the locked gate to the right, toward the shack with the generator, you’ll find the first danger totem next to the entrance of the shack. The prophecy it shows is of a masked figure attacking someone.

Danger Totem #2

danger totem 2 locationChapter 3: Isolation
Character: Mike

After the initial chapter cutscene Mike will be looking for Jessica. There’s a broken down snow plow next to the main path and there’s a hidden path behind it that leads you to the second danger totem (located on the side of the path).

Danger Totem #3

danger totem 3 locationChapter 3: Isolation
Character: Emily

Emily is in the mine trying to get out. You will restore the power for the elevator and you’ll be going down some wooden steps. There are some barrels to the left of where the staircase ends. The totem is next to these barrels.

Danger Totem #4

danger totem 3 locationdanger totem 4 locationChapter 9: Despair
Character: Mike

When you’re back at the sanatorium you’ll be in the chapel room (the one where you shot a lock off the door to exit and where a guardian dog was located). There’s a gate there, that was previously shut off to you. If you do use it now you’ll get inside a room and to your left, on the ground, you’ll find the totem.

Danger Totem #5

danger totem 5 locationChapter 9: Despair
Character: Ashley

Just as you get a character switch in this chapter, Ashley is in the tunnels to the sanatorium. Other girls will speed up ahead of you and the camera angle is from the ceiling. The totem is cleverly hidden in a little nook there in the left side of those tunnels.

Danger Totem #6

danger totem 6 locationChapter 10: Repentance
Character: Ashley

Once Sam has climbed out outside she will be on a path through the woods. There will be a fork in the path. Take the right hand road. You’ll come across a fallen tree, across witch is the final Danger totem in the game.