Valheim 2-Star Wolves - Where to Find & How to Tame

Two-star wolves are special versions of wolves you can encounter in Valheim. They’re basically the direct upgrade of regular wolves – faster, stronger, with more health points. You can tame these as well as teh regular ones, but it takes more time, and knowing how to get around the fact that they despawn when you leave them alone. Thankfully, there’s a way around this problem. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find and how to tame two-star wolves in Valheim.

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valheim 2-star wolves how to tame where to find
Valheim 2-Star Wolves – Where to Find & How to Tame

Where to find 2-star wolves?

Two star wolves appear in the mountain biome, but they only spawn at night. They often spawn in packs, which can be unfortunate. If you don’t want to wait for a lone two star wolf to spawn, you’ll have to kill the ones you don’t want. The Iron Atgeir can help with this, since it can stun them. The Bonemass power also helps a lot here, with its damage resistance buff.

How to tame 2-star wolves so they don’t disappear

Before you start, make sure you have at least three stacks of raw meat, a bunch of stone and wood to build several wolf pens, and a harpoon to let you rein them in if they start running. The process basically entails taming a regular wolf, then taming a 2-star wolf, then putting them together so they can breed. Their offspring won’t despawn, so you just have to wait for two cubs with two stars each – then you can kill of the parents and start a lineage of permanent 2-star wolf companions.

  1. Find a regular wolf in the mountains during the day.
  2. Use raw meat to trap it in a stone enclosure.
  3. Feed it more meat and wait around half an hour for it to tame. This wolf won’t disappear, so you can leave the area safely.
  4. Find a 2-star wolf in the mountains during the night.
  5. Trap it in a stone enclosure using raw meat.
  6. Stay next to the enclosure until it’s tame, all the while throwing meat at it. This can take up to five days, so make yourself at home. If you leave the area, it’ll despawn, so DO NOT MOVE.
  7. Once it’s tamed, have it follow you to the first enclosure during the night. Watch it all the while and don’t let it stray.
  8. Put the 2-star wolf in the enclosure with the regular wolf and throw meat at them until they make a baby. If you leave the area, the two-star will despawn, so DO NOT MOVE.
  9. Stay at it until there are two 2-star cubs. At this point you can forget about the parents – the pups won’t despawn, and you can lead them to your base or wherever you want. You can then proceed to breed them until you have more 2-star wolves than you know what to do with.
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  1. J

    3 star wolf after the patch on 6/23 the wolf wont eat meat, so it wont start the taming process 🙁

    1. B

      The taming process will only start at night

  2. M

    Have you found whether the size of the winter biome matters? I am having a difficult time getting a star wolf in the small winter biome by our base. Also, what gear is best to have going after a 2 star or does that not matter?

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