Valheim Adze Upgrade

The Adze upgrade in Valheim is a necessary component to upgrading your workbench, after you unlock the recipe. Upgrading the workbench allows you to craft higher-level items, which becomes extremely pivotal the further you progress in the game. So, how does one unlock the Adze, and how do you craft and place it? We’ll be answering all of your burning questions in our Valheim Adze Upgrade guide.

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valheim adze upgrade
Valheim Adze Upgrade

How to Unlock Adze Upgrade in Valheim

To unlock the Adze upgrade in Valheim for the workbench, you first need to discover the recipe. To do that, you need to find Fine Wood and make Bronze. Fine wood drops from Birch and Oak trees in the Meadows and Plains biomes. As for Bronze, well, that’s a long process that we describe in detail in our How to Make Bronze Valheim guide. Long story short, you first need a Smelter, as well as tin and copper to smelt into bars. Then, use the Forge to turn tin and copper into Bronze.

Speaking of the Forge, you also need that, along with 3 Bronze and 10 Fine Wood to craft the Adze upgrade. By that I mean, the Forge has to be somewhere in the vicinity of where you want to place the Valheim Adze upgrade. On the subject of placing the thing, it has to be as near to the Workbench in order for it to do anything. Makes sense, considering that it’s one of the Valheim Workbench upgrades. Technically, it just needs to be in the workbench’s sphere of influence; as you can see in the image above, we’ve placed it behind the workbench shed, and it still works.

One last thing to note about the Adze upgrade for the workbench – some people think that making just it will unlock access to higher-level crafting. That’s not the case; every upgrade you build raises the workbench level by 1. So, to get the good stuff, you’ll need the Tanning Rack, Chopping Block, etc.

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