Blood Pudding Valheim - Best Food

Valheim Blood Pudding is one of the best foods you can make in the game, and figuring out how to get it is very much worth the hassle. That said, it’s definitely going to be a hassle; one of the ingredients is very difficult to get. That makes sense, considering that having a strong food like this early on would make things a little too easy. With all that said, here’s our Blood Pudding Valheim – Best Food guide to show you how to make it.

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blood pudding valheim best food
Blood Pudding Valheim – Best Food

Valheim Blood Pudding – How to Get Best Food?

To get the Blood Pudding in Valheim, one of the best foods in the game, you need to collect the ingredients and place them in a Cauldron to cook. The ingredients are deceptively simple; you won’t have access to one of them until you reach the Plains. Here’s the list of what you’ll need for the pudding:

  • Thistle x2
  • Bloodbag x2
  • Barley Flour x4

Thistle grows in the Swamp and Black forest biomes, and it’s easy to find at night due to its blueish glow. As for bloodbags, they drop from Leeches in the Swamp. Those are all easy. The Barley Flour is way more complicated. For one, you have to get Barley, either by growing it in the Plains or stealing it from Fuling villages. Then, you have to craft a Windmill and place the grain inside it. Wait a bit for the flour to fall out.

After you have all the ingredients for the Valheim Blood Pudding, simply plop them into the Cauldron. Wait a bit for the delicious food to cook. As we’ve already said, the Pudding is one of the best foods you can have in Valheim. It heals you at a decent clip, and gives you solid amounts of health and stamina. Plus, the effects last for a really long time. Here are its stats:

  • Weight: 1.0
  • Health: 90
  • Stamina: 50
  • Duration: 2400 seconds, aka 40 minutes
  • Healing: 4 hp/tick
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