Valheim Ancient Seeds Locations

Ancient seeds are an item in Valheim. They can be obtained through various means, but they only appear in the Black Forest. It’s fitting, since you only need them to summon the Elder, the boss in this area. They’re pretty rare, and you’ll need three in total for the summoning ritual. If you’re wondering how to get them, our Valheim ancient seeds locations guide will show you.

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valheim ancient seed locations
Valheim Ancient Seeds Locations

How to get ancient seeds?

You can sometimes find ancient seeds in chests, and they have a chance of dropping from Greydwarf Brutes and Greydwarf Shamans. However, there is a place where they’re guaranteed to appear.

If you’ve been in the Black Forest for a while, you may have noticed something that looks like a tangle of branches and emanates a soft, purple light. It doesn’t sound like something you’d like to investigate, but it is. It’s a spawning point for Greydwarf creatures, called a Greydwarf Nest.

Apart from having the chance to get them from the handful of Greydwarfs that will usually guard the thing, you’ll always get one seed from destroying the nest itself. There’s always at least a couple of them in the Black Forest – if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get all three seeds this way.

It’s best to look for them at night – they don’t look all that remarkable during the day, but as the sun sets, the purple glow sets them apart from the surrounding environment, making them much easier to spot.

Once you have the seeds, you’ll be able to summon the Elder boss by burning them at the sacrifical altar. Make sure you’re prepared before you do this – he’s a formidable foe. Bring all the health potions you can carry, and try not to get hit – using the pillars as cover will help.

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