Valheim Flax & Barley Locations

Flax and Barley in Valheim are crops that you can get, plant, and grow in the game, and thereby obtain linen and barley flour. There are several issues with all this, though. The first one is, of course, where to find barley and flax. Then, once you have them, how do you plant and grow them? Last but not least, how do you turn your crops into linen and flour? We’ll be answering all of these questions in our Valheim Flax & Barley Locations guide.

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valheim flax & barley locations
Valheim Flax & Barley Locations

Where to Find Flax in Valheim?

To find Flax in Valhalla, you have to explore the Plains biome. Most commonly, it grows near the Fuling camps. You can spot them pretty easily, since they are a crop that they grow. So, just look for tilled earth, and odds are whatever is growing there will be either Flax or Barley. Sometimes, you can find Flax in the chests in the Plains area. In both cases, you have to be very careful when messing around with the Fuling. They are pretty brutal enemies that will mess you up in seconds, even if you’re decked out in high-level gear. Stay on your toes at all times while in the Plains.

Where to Find Valheim Barley?

To find Barley in Valheim, you need to look for it in the Plains biome. It works pretty much exactly like Flax does. Basically, troll around the Fuling camps and look for crops growing from tilled earth. If it’s not Flax, it’s gonna be Barley. Also like Flax, you can sometimes find Barley in chests in the camps. Just keep in mind that the Fuling are formidable creatures. I know I already mentioned this in the section above, but it bears repeating – even if you’re armed to the teeth and armored to the gods, Fulong can make easy work of you. Be very, very cautious.

How to Make Barley into Flour?

To make Barley into Flour in Valheim, you need to craft the Artisan Table first, which you can only do after you summon Moder with Dragon Eggs. Once you have the Artisan Table, you can then make a Windmill, which is what turns Barley into Barley Flour. It’s one of the ingredients in recipes for Bread, Lox Meat Pie, Fish Wraps, and Blood Pudding.

As for Flax, you can turn it into linen after you craft a Spinning Wheel. Like the Windmill, you first need the Artisan Table. You can take linen and use it to craft some higher-tier weapons and armor, such as Padded Armor. For more info, check out our Windmill & Spinning Wheel guide.

How to Plant & Grow Flax & Barley in Valheim?

To plant and grow Flax and Barley in Valheim, you have to use the Cultivator to till the soil and then place the plants at the appropriate distance from one another, so that they don’t wilt. You can mouse over every individual plant to see whether it’s healthy or needs more room. Also, both crops need to be placed in the Plains biome; if you plant them anywhere else, they’ll wilt before you can say “Oh god, no, my crops!”

Even with all the limitations, it’s well-worth your while to attempt and grow Barley and Flax. It certainly beats having to tango with the Fuling every time you need some linen or flour. Just make sure to place your Plains farm in some safe corner, well away from all the potential threats.

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