Valheim Dragon Egg

Dragon Eggs in Valheim are items that you can find, and are necessary ingredients to summon the boss of the area. Commonly, players run into the Dragon Eggs while exploring the Mountains, but then don’t know what to do with them, aka how to use them. Others still are trying to figure out where to find the Dragon Eggs in the first place. On top of all of that, the eggs are extremely heavy, causing additional problems. All that said, in our Valheim Dragon Egg guide, we’ll show you how to handle the situation.

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valheim dragon egg
Valheim Dragon Egg

Where to Find Dragon Egg Locations in Valheim?

To find Valheim Dragon Egg locations, you have to explore the peaks of the Mountain biomes. That’s where the drakes spawn most commonly, and where there are drakes, there are Dragon Eggs. Of course, there are a lot of things that you’ll have to contend on your journey, such as wolves, freezing temperatures, and the like. The drakes themselves are pushovers, fortunately, as long as you’re good with the bow and have a good supply of arrows. As for their nests, they’re pretty easy to spot due to their pinkish glow.

Now, one important thing to keep in mind is that the Dragon Eggs are extremely heavy. They weigh 200 Valheim weight units, whatever those may be. Worse still, if you pick up an egg from the nest, but don’t have room to put it in your inventory, said egg can disappear. So, the course of action we recommend is to mark the nest location on the map, go home to empty your stuff, then go back for the egg. Consider then taking the egg back to a safe place until you find the summoning location. You can’t carry eggs through portals, but better safe than sorry.

Dragon Eggs in Valheim are used to summon the boss of the area, the fourth boss of the game, Moder. You do that by putting three eggs on the summoning place, and then standing there and performing the summoning. Since Moder doesn’t appear automatically, it allows you to lug the eggs to the location, then go back one last time to pick up all your gear in order to do battle with her.

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