Valheim Best Base Location

Picking a spot for your base in Valheim is a tantalizing choice. Each spot you can think of comes with its own set of benefits, but there are dangers to consider as well. You need to consider lots of aspects – safety, available resources, how it connects to other areas and important landmarks, and more. If you’re having trouble deciding, this guide will help you pick Valheim best base location.

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valheim best base location
Valheim Best Base Location

Where to build a base in Valheim?

First of all, you’ll have to have more than one base – that much is imminent. Only one will be your main base, though, and that one should be in a safe place that’s easy to defend. Our suggestion would be to build it in the meadows somewhere, preferably near the water. You’ll want easy access to your raft/boat, for lugging all those goodies you find on expeditions.

Make sure you surround it with stone walls – they offer the best protection. A meadows base with stone walls has extremely low chances of being breached – if you add a moat around it, there’s practically no way the invaders will be able to do any real damage. If you manage to find an abandoned structure in a good spot, make use of it – it’s cheaper, and the ground in the area will be level.

In ideal circumstances, you’ll make your home on an island with at least three biomes. Being close to the black forest and swamp is useful because they are your main source of ores, and you can’t bring ores through portals. Building your home base in the meadows, near the water, with the forest and swamp in sight will allow you to bring in ores efficiently, without having to build satellite bases in those biomes in order to smelt the ores.

At some point, you’ll definitely want to branch out and start building other bases. You can connect those with your main base using portals, and they’ll allow you to refine the materials you collect without having to go all the way back. Having a smelter in the swamp lets you refine iron ore without lugging it around much, but it’s a tough place to defend.

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