Valheim Boats Disappearing

Boats disappearing in Valheim is a problem that some players have been running into. They are wondering where their ships have gone to, which is understandable, because you have to invest a lot of time and resources into building them. As it turns out, there are several ways this can happen. One of them is a bug, which you can’t do much about. However, other things you can prevent. We’ll tell you all about it in our Valheim Boats Disappearing guide.

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valheim boats disappearing
Valheim Boats Disappearing

How to Fix Boats Disappearing in Valheim?

To fix the issue with boats disappearing in Valheim, you simply need to be more careful where you leave them and how you treat them. There are several issues that might crop up that can cause your ship to “vanish.” The first one is mobs attacking. Depending on where you moor your vessel, it could be necks, or Graydwarves, or whatever else. Mobs beeline to any of your constructions, including your base, and your poor ship is no different, especially if it’s near your camp.

The second potential reason for your raft or karve or whatever evaporating is the tide. Depending on where you “parked” your vessel, the rising water will crash it into the dock or into the rocks. This is especially true if you haven’t anchored it properly, or if the water is too shallow. That slowly chips away at your boat until it just goes into splinters.

Another cause of Valheim boats disappearing that we know of is that the tide can take it out into the ocean. I’ve seen reports from players who found their rogue ships in the open waters, drifting as ghost ships. It’s annoying, but at least you have two ships then, right? Last, but not least, it could be a bug. We’ve seen ships teleport around, and even fly.

So, how do you prevent all this? Well, for one, make sure to repair your ship every so often, just in case. Also, make sure to pick your mooring location carefully. Alternatively, you can disassemble your boat and get the materials back. If you do that, you can just rebuild it when necessary. Don’t forget to do that in shallow water, though, in order to not lose any of your stuff in the deep. As for the bugs, well… pray it doesn’t happen to you.

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