Valheim Fishing Rod - How to Fish & Get Fishing Pole

The fishing rod in Valheim is a tool that lets you fish and thereby get a relatively stable supply of food. Figuring out where to find the Valheim fishing pole is, unfortunately, quite the puzzle, since there’s only one place in the game that you can get it. Even when you do manage to find it, there’s the matter of figuring out how to fish, which is an adventure in and off itself. We’re gonna try and help you out with our Valheim Fishing Rod – How to Fish & Get Fishing Pole guide.

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valheim fishing rod how to fish & get fishing pole
Valheim Fishing Rod – How to Fish & Get Fishing Pole

How to Get Fishing Rod in Valheim – Fishing Pole Location

To get a fishing rod in Valheim, you have to purchase it from the trader called Haldor. At the time of writing, this is the only way to get a Valheim fishing pole. Haldor only appears in a Black Forest; the major problem here is that the merchant spawns at a random location in the woods. Luckily, the store tends to stay in one place, but locating it for the first time can turn into an issue.

Obviously, as you explore the Black Forest biome, you’re bound to come across Haldor and get the Valheim fishing rod eventually. However, some players are saying that defeating the Elder in the Black Woods will show you where the trader is. Moreover, there are more than one Black Forest biomes on the map. Maybe the trader is not in the one you’re currently combing through.

Once you do run into Haldor, make sure you have the funds to purchase the fishing pole and bait. The rod will cost 350 coins, while the bait costs ten coins for fifty baits. A tidy sum, no doubt about that, so save up.

How to Fish in Valheim?

To fish in Valheim, you have to find an area near the water from where you can see fish; the more, the merrier. As you approach, be careful not to scare them away. Once in position, make sure to put the bait on the hook, and cast the line with the left mouse button; the longer you hold it, the further you cast. Wait patiently for the fish to start eating the bait. If they aren’t biting, reel the line back in a little by tapping the right mouse button.

When the fish starts biting, hit the right mouse button immediately to hook it. If the game tells you that you have it hooked, keep reeling it in. To help things out, while reeling, you can walk towards the fish and keep hitting E. That should do it. You might need some practice, but you’ll get it down after a few tries. Just keep in mind that fishing takes up a lot of stamina, so make sure to stock up on stamina food.

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