Valheim Warm Clothes - Mountain Freezing

Warm Clothes in Valheim are one of the several methods to stop freezing in the Mountain biomes. Other methods to stop freezing in Valheim Mountains include brewing Frost Resistance Mead and strategically placing campfires. That’s something that you might have to do anyways, because getting warm clothes, like Wolf Armor, requires you to actually explore the Mountain biomes. We’re gonna break everything down in detail in our Valheim Warm Clothes – Mountain Freezing guide.

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valheim warm clothes mountain freezing
Valheim Warm Clothes – Mountain Freezing

How to Get Warm Clothes in Valheim – How to Stop Freezing in Mountain

To get warm clothes in Valheim and stop freezing the Mountain biomes, you have to craft Wolf Armor. The issue there is that, in order to craft Wolf Armor, you need Silver, and you can only find Silver in, you guessed it, the Mountain. So, the problem is how to keep warm until you mine enough silver, but we’ll get into that in a bit.

There are two pieces of Wolf Armor that you can craft – Chest and Legs. Both require 20 Silver and 5 Wolf Pelts. The difference is that the former requires 1 Chain, and the latter 4 Wolf Fangs. For more on wolves, you can check out our Valhiem Taming Boars, Wolves guide. Another armor that can protect you from freezing is the Lox Armor, Lox being the furry lizards from the Plains biomes.

Valhiem Mountain Freezing – How to Keep Warm

To keep from Freezing in Valheim Mountains and stay warm, there are several options to explore, aside from the Wolf Armor. For one, there’s the Frost Resistance Mead. To craft that, you need to construct a Cauldron (requires 10 Tin to craft and a fire below it) and a Fermenter (requires Bronze and Fine Wood from oak or birch). After you craft and set up the Cauldron, interact with it and look up the recipe for Frost Resistance Mead Base.

You’ll need Blood Leeches, Thistle, Honey, etc. Put that all into the Cauldron until the base is complete, then stick the base into the Fermenter and leave it there for a while. When the process is done, you’ll get the Frost Resistance Mead, which will keep you warm for about ten minutes. Repeat as necessary.

Another option, which you can use in conjunction with the Mead, is to put down campfires. Ideally, they’d be indoors, for which you need a chimney so you don’t die of smoke inhalation. However, that’s not necessary; just placing a campfire in the snow is enough to get you from freezing to cold. You can use them as a kind of trail of checkpoints to which you can return to.

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