How to Get Crystal Battleaxe - Valheim Hearth & Home Weapons

If you’re wondering how to get the crystal battleaxe weapon in Valheim Hearth and Home, you’ve come to the right place. The new axe is really difficult to craft, there’s no two ways about that. What I mean is, the materials necessary to craft the crystal battleaxe are really difficult to get. However, you won’t regret putting in the effort, trust me. So, without further ado, let’s show you how to make the crystal battleaxe.

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how to get crystal battleaxe valheim hearth & home weapons
How to Get Crystal Battleaxe – Valheim Hearth & Home Weapons

How to Get Valheim Crystal Battleaxe Weapon in Hearth & Home

To get the new crystal battleaxe weapon in Valheim Hearth and Home, you’re going to need three ingredients in specific amounts, as laid out in the list below. None of the materials needed to make the crystal battleaxe are easy to get, but then again, look at that axe. Just look at it. It’s absolutely worth the trouble just for the coolness factor, and it’s a really good weapon to boot. Okay, here’s what you’ll need.

  • 10 Crystal
  • 30 Silver
  • 40 Ancient bark

So, how do you get the ingredients necessary to craft the crystal battleaxe? Well, to get crystal, you need to find Stone Golems in the Mountains biome and just kill them over and over until you farm enough. Silver is a whole process. To find silver ore, you also need to search the mountains. To make it easier, be sure to beat the Bonemass and get the Wishbone, which lets you find ores more easily.

The final ingredient to get the Valheim crystal battleaxe weapon in Hearth and Home, you’ll need the bark. This is the easiest of the bunch to get, which isn’t saying much. As we explain in our Ancient Bark guide, you have to fell down Ancient Trees which grow in the Swamp biome. That requires at least a bronze axe or better. Once you have all the ingredients to craft the crystal battleaxe, just make it as you would any other weapon.

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