How to Get Tar - Valheim Darkwood Hearth & Home

With the new update out, plenty of you are going to be wondering how to get tar and darkwood in Valheim Hearth and Home. These two resources are tightly linked, as you can’t make darkwood without tar. To make matters even more difficult, tar isn’t the easiest to get. For one, you have to know where to find it, and, more importantly, how to get it. There’s a bit of a secret to it, which we’ll reveal in this guide.

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how to get tar valheim darkwood hearth & home
How to Get Tar – Valheim Darkwood Hearth & Home

How to Get Tar in Valheim Hearth & Home – Where to Find New Resource for Darkwood

To get tar in Valheim Hearth and Home, aka find the new resource needed for making darkwood, you need to go into the Plains biome and find tar pits. They’re scattered all over the place now, and they’re not difficult to spot, being large pools of shiny, black liquid. However, be careful, since as you approach a tar pit, a bunch of new enemies called Growths will probably appear and attack you. They are really strong and can both poison you and inflict a new status effect called “tarred” which slows you down.

Now, each of these Growths drop a little bit of tar when defeated. However, they’re not what you’re after. Rather, you need to go to the tar pit and collect the little globs of tar around the edge. That’s still not all. Dig a trench near the pit and drain the tar out. This will reveal still more tar globs at the bottom. That’s how to get the new tar resource and get darkwood in Valheim Hearth and Home. It definitely takes some doing, but what in this game doesn’t?

You’ll need to gather tar any time you want to make more darkwood items, but the new material does look pretty cool. And that about wraps it up. If you need more help with the new content in Hearth and Home, check out our other guides on the subject. We’ve got articles like How to Get Obliterator, Cartography Table – How to Get & Use, How to Get Lox Saddle, and more on the way.

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