Valheim Guck Locations

Guck is an item in Valheim. It’s a crafting material used in several recipes, the most important of which is the Draugr Fang, one of the best bows in the game. You’ll need ten gucks for the bow, which is not a small number, considering how hard they are to get. If you’re having trouble finding them our Valheim guck locations guide will help you by explaining where to look and what to do when you spot them.

valheim guck locations
Valheim Guck Locations

How to get guck in Valheim?

Guck only appears in the swamp biome. The word itself is disgusting, but not nearly as digusting as the word gucksack, which is what the nodes you’ll harvest it from are called. Gucksacks (sweet Jesus) are glowing green pustules you can find on trees in the swamp. There can be more of them on one tree’s trunk, and it’s best to look for them during the night – the glow makes them easy to find.

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Once you’ve found your guck motherlode, you might notice that arrows don’t really do any damage to it. For some reason, gucksacks are immune to ranged damage. You’ll have to whack them with an axe or pickaxe – you can’t even fell the tree they’re on.

The only way to get to the gucksacks and all the juicy guck inside is by building a basic workbench on site, then using it to create stairs that will allow to reach the sacks. Before you start your ascent, make sure to scout the surrounding area – deal with any enemies capable of dealing ranged damage beforehand and you’ll avoid being knocked down from your scaffolding.

When you reach a gucksack, hit it with a pickaxe or axe, then go down and look for the guck that fell from it. We’ll just pretend you’ll put it in a dish or container of some kind, and not scoop it up with your hands and stuff it in your pockets.

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